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About Gamen


How we started


Gamen started from a dedicated product line from 

ROBOT, a renowned brand in handphone and 

personal computer accessories. We realized that 

a lot of our brand lovers are seeking a solution 

that combines new technology, quality,  and approachable price so that’s where we started. 

We build up a dedicated brand and team to develop 

products that meet the needs from our brand lovers, 

providing a onestop solution that helps 

to unlock the passion for gaming experience. 


Why Gamen?


Gaming provides a virtual world that provides 

a different life in parallel world and our 

team and partners are committed to make 

sure the gear takes the gaming experience 

to where it should be, and the details based 

improvement also happens every day like 

evolution in our daily work. 

Stay tuned for the next gear.



"Suka banget GM710 karna DPI nya sampai 6400 dan bisa disetting, aku juga suka karena terdapat color RGB seperti ini, apalagi ringan dan harganya terjangkau."

- Enryu (Game Streamer)



"Headset GH1100 menurut saya desainnya dan lampu RGBnya keren. Dan Headphone nya nyaman dipakai dalam waktu lama "

- Great Tech (Youtuber)



"Keyboard GK200 memiliki komponen yang kokoh dan solid, dengan disediakan palm rest keyboard ini akan nyaman digunakan

 - GameBoy (Youtuber)

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